New Music 7/2/09

Just a few things i’ve been listening to lately:

Cattle Decapitation: The Harvest Floor 


I honestly didn’t think i was going to like Cattle Decapitation. The circles of technical death metal they get around in generally bore the shit out of me, and i checked this album out only on a strong reccomendation. To my elation i was not dissapointed: The Harvest Floor is the first great metal record of 2009. Sure, there’s some ridiculous chops-ercise and mindless blastbeating, which is fun and all, but it’s the moments when Cattle Decap aren’t ripping your head open that really make this record.

Opening salvo “The Gardeners Of Eden” features a monolithic, trudging black metal breakdown worthy of Emperor or any of their peers. “Tooth Enamel And Concrete” jams on tumbling Pig Destroyer-style riffs. The title track could pass for post-rock. There’s a strong melodic vein running through this records impenetrable crust of ballsy death metal, and it’s well worth working through it to find.

Dj Signify: Of Cities


This record copped a listen just cause i needed a fix of Aesop Rock. Aside from Aes’ two featured tracks here, it’s entirely instrumental hip-hop from top to bottom. Of Cities has a pretty dark vibe, though not in the cheesy way that a lot of electronic music can be dark. Of Cities is by turns sombre, groovy (like blast-me-in-your-car groovy), haunting and haunted. Much like it”s totally awesome cover art, Of Cities invokes suburbia at night, empty streets and derelict tenements, all with an unnerving paranoia that runs throughout. Top shit. 

Mastodon: Divinations (from the forthcoming  LP Crack The Skye)


Oh man. Oh man. Ohhhh maaaan. Mastodon man. Fucken… Mastodon!

Sorry. This song is clearly a bit of a “single” track, what with it’s 3:30 length, big hooky chorus and relative lack of intangible musical acrobatics. It’s still a fucking vicious outing though, Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher are still the best team of metal guitarists on the planet today. Oh and the guitar solo? Fucking killer. Mastodon are one of those bands who just keep bloody reinventing the wheel and they do it so well. Everything else this year is going to have to take the back seat when Crack The Skye arrives. I reckon we’re going to see the ‘don up in the charts this time around.

Genghis Tron: Board Up The House Remixes vol. 1-4


There’s quite a few big names here (Justin Broadrick, Scott Hull, Steve Moore) reworking generally the more electronic bits of GT’s bizzare metal/techno mashup masterpiece. Ranges the gamut from freakazoid flamenco-grindcore reimaginings to white-noise gauzed drones to minimalist trance to fluorescent electronic twitters arranged into clouds of noise. Oddly listenable.




~ by montaguedross on February 7, 2009.

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